Universities and Courses

SiPN’s Social Sciences, Humanities, and Business Program features Lisbon’s top 4 universities. Students must choose ONE of the partner universities to be their host institution for their semester abroad in Lisbon.

SiPN Partner Universities

Social Sciences, Humanities, & Business Program

During the application phase, students should indicate their top choice among the following 4 universities. All coursework should be chosen from one university system only.

Take a look on course offerings

Types of courses offered

Please take a moment to explore our partner universities course offerings.

All of SiPN’s partner universities have direct enrollment courses. The courses listed on the catalogs are offered in English and are divided into Fall and Spring semesters accordingly. Click on the universities’ pages to see their full course catalogs.

Each semester SiPN provides all levels of Portuguese language courses (A1 – C2) for whichever level you test into.

However, all SiPN partner universities offer their own Portuguese Language classes based on the same European A1-C2 levels, and syllabi for these are available upon request.

SiPN also offers semesterly intensive classes of Portuguese for foreigners. These are typically worth 12 ECTS (2 semesters worth of credit), but academic calendars and contact hours for these options vary. For more information on intensive options, contact SiPN.

Other Language Courses

German, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Hindi, Latin, Italian, Japanese, Suaíli, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovenian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish courses are also offered amongst the 4 universities.

These are typically worth 6 ECTS.

For further information on these courses, please contact us.

For those who are looking for other choices taught in Portuguese, SiPN’s university network provides hundreds of classes in social sciences, business economics, and many other fields, all of which are taught in Portuguese and open to SiPN participants. These lists are provided individually to students who contact our office. If you are interested in taking one course or all of your coursework in Portuguese, please send an email to semester@studyinportugalnetwork.com with the field/subject of the courses that you are looking for and SiPN will provide you with course lists and respective syllabi.