Academic Calendar & Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Fall Editions – March 30

Spring Editions  – October 15 of the preceding year

Despite SiPN´s general dates, applicants should consult their home school´s deadlines. Both deadlines should be respected and addressed.

Note: All application materials need to be submitted to the SiPN office, no later than 10 weekdays after the general application deadline, unless otherwise indicated by our team.


General Academic Calendars

SiPN Semester Program – Focus on Social Sciences, Humanities and Business provides our students with full access to Lisbon´s 4 top universities.

Spring 2022

January 31 - Depart from U.S.
February 1 - Arrival day in Lisbon
February 2 to 6 - Orientation Activities
February 7 - 1st day of classes
May 27 - Last day of the semester -- Earliest departure to the U.S.
May 30 - Last day of SiPN Housing

Fall 2021

August 31 - Depart from U.S.
September 1 - Arrival day in Lisbon
September 2 to 9 - Orientation Activities
Dec 20 - Last day of the semester -- Earliest departure to the U.S.
Dec 31 - Last day of SiPN Housing

Please note that each university might have a slightly different academic calendar. Once you have indicated to our office (during the application phase) which is the host university of your preference, you will be furnished with all the information you will need, including exact starting/end dates, evaluation periods, breaks, etc. Nonetheless, SiPN´s general dates are designed to properly accommodate all SiPN semester students, regardless of their SiPN host-university.

A detailed calendar with all SiPN promoted activities, including the sponsored field trips, will be provided once a student is officially accepted into SiPN.

SiPN recommends its students to buy flight fares that allow to change departure dates at a lower cost. It is quite frequent that we see our students wanting to extend their stay in Lisbon, especially Spring participants.