About SIPN

"The Gateway for US Higher Education to Study Abroad in Portugal"

Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) is a specialized study abroad provider based in Lisbon, Portugal. As a multi-university consortium of Portuguese universities, we aim to attract and support students and faculty from the United States to come to Portugal on a variety of study abroad experiences.

SiPN offers semester/academic year as well as summer study abroad opportunities. Additionally, each year we welcome to Portugal a large number of short-term faculty-led programs tailored to the needs and requirements of the program director and the respective home University in the United States. SiPN’s privileged relationship with Portuguese Universities and governmental and private entities, allows us to, virtually cover  any topic intended to be explored in Portugal.

SiPN programs give students the flexibility to enroll in courses in either Portuguese or English, or a combination of the two, from any of the Lisbon based Universities in the consortium. Additionally, during Summer, students may also choose to attend the University of the Azores at its Ponta Delgada campus. The object is to provide students with an immersive academic experience that places them in the same courses which are open to all students at the host university. Beyond the traditional academic experience, SiPN offers an array of international internships for credit that can be taken exclusively or integrated with class work, both during the academic year, semester, or Summer.

Of all the study aboard opportunities in Portugal, SiPN has the lowest fees while providing the greatest amount of service. Due to SiPN’s association with one of Portugal’s most prominent foundations [The Luso American Development Foundation (FLAD), SiPN is able to provide virtually all-inclusive fees that cover tuition, lodging, cultural activities, city and country tours, public transportation passes, travel and health insurance, and constant support from SiPN team members at the lowest rates in the market. The intent is simply to assist students to live and study abroad in Portugal and to experience all this country has to offer.

SiPN’s great value is only possible given the fact that it is powered by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), a private Portuguese non-profit grant-making Foundation, dedicated to funding initiatives to promote scientific and cultural exchanges between Portugal and the United States. FLAD firmly believes in the mission of fostering transnational understanding through the academic exchange of faculty and students.  It was this vision that led to the creation of SiPN in 2014, to foster the links between Portugal and the U.S. academic community and attract more students attending American universities to Portugal.

SiPN/FLAD is a proud founding member of:

Study in Lisbon” – an initiative of the municipality of Lisbon to promote student mobility to the city.

Made of Lisboa“ – The entrepreneur community of Lisbon based innovators.

“Study and Research in Portugal” Pavillion at NAFSA’s annual conference held once a year in a different US city.

Presently, SiPN offers programs in Lisbon and in the Azores, with plans for expansion to other locations in Portugal via the establishment of partnerships with additional Portuguese Universities.


We don’t do programs all over the world, but we do Portugal like no other!

Learn more about our programs

Semester at SiPN Lisbon

Students may enroll in one of the network universities located in Lisbon in any field of scholarship offered in the University´s catalogue.

Summer at SiPN

Students may choose between taking courses in Lisbon, the Azores, or both. The offered coursework, complemented with immersive cultural activities and site visits provide students with a unique summer experience.

Internship at SiPN

For capstone or gap-year students, as well as those looking to supplement their study abroad coursework, SiPN offers an exceptional range of international internship opportunities in a wide variety of professional and research areas. Via its experiential learning  program, SiPN aims to provide professional experience, resume and networking building, language learning, and cultural immersion opportunities to its students.