Partner Universities in US

SiPN is looking forward to expanding its network of partner schools in the US

SiPN as a study aborad program provider, differentiates itself from other “normal” providers, given FLAD´s reputation and a quasi governmental status. See FLAD´s mission.

SiPN´s unique features and non-profit status made possible to gather tremendous institutional support in Portugal (see list of institutional partners). Also in the US, the program has been receiving attention from various universities and colleges and several affiliation agreements have been signed, others are underway.

SiPN accepts students from any US school so long as they meet the admission requirements. If you are a student from a school that does not yet have an agreement with SiPN, please contact your home school Study Abroad Office regarding your desire to enroll in the SiPN program or send us an e-mail – – so we can establish contact.

SiPN representatives travel to the US quite frequently, either to participate in conferences (such as NAFSA), or to visit current or potential future ones. We would be happy to expand our network and visit colleagues in US-based campi. Check out SiPN´s Facebook album regarding SiPN’s 5-week 2014 roadshow.

Here is a list of schools whose students SiPN has hosted and had their credits approved through our program (“stars” indicate SiPN´s affiliated schools)

"A (flexible) gateway for US Higher Education to study abroad"

US partners can find in FLAD and its SiPN program a strong representation of common interests in Portugal and in the US.

FLAD, as a resourceful organization(Portugal´s 5th biggest Foundation) that works hand-on-hand with the US Embassy by linking the most relevant academic and non-academic stakeholders in the country and making all of that available to its students and faculty from the US via SiPN´s mechanism. All of it at a cost that is a fraction of what other typical program providers charge.

COVID´s outbreak provided us with a criticial situation that put at use all of our resources. SiPN/FLAD, in concordance with its partners, was able to fly-out all of our students in less than 10 days. The entire cohort arrived safe and healthy back in the US and classes resumed online in less than 3 days.

SiPN is flexible in terms of billing arrangements. We are comfortable to work in whatever billing format a school in the US prefers (Direct-enrollment, home tuition model, hybrid of the two, etc).

After very successful five years of operation, SiPN is expanding its program portfolio and operating locations, as a consequence of requests from partner universities in the US, who are demanding for other curricular themes and customized programs, as well as the clear interest and internationalization drive shown by Portuguese higher education institutions.

Reach out to us!