Semester at SiPN:

Social Sciences, Humanities, & Business

The Social Sciences, Humanities, & Business Program is SiPN's flagship program. Designed to serve a diverse group of students, it provides access to a unique network of 4 top schools located in Lisbon, allowing students to take courses in a broad range of fields: business, psychology, literature, history, law, political science, psychology, computer science, and more.

Where to start?

We’re excited that you are interested in studying abroad with SiPN for the upcoming semester! Get your application started by filling out the Pre-Application form linked below and we will guide you from there–it’s easy!

After submitting your Pre-Application, head on over to our SiPN Partner Universities’ Page to learn more about the 4 universities in our network and familiarize yourself with each of their course offerings. You will have to choose one of these 4 to be your Host University for the semester you are applying. 

Regardless of your host university of choice, all students benefit from full SiPN program features and support throughout the semester.

All SiPN students come from diverse academic, linguistic, and personal backgrounds. Some already know Portuguese and seek an immersive experience, while others could hardly pick Portugal on the map before embarking on their adventure!

SiPN Built-in Field Trips

Every semester we take our students to different parts of the country on “SiPN sponsored field trips.” Frequently we fly our students to one of the Portuguese archipelagos in the Atlantic. Take a look at some of the highlights of one of SiPN’s trips to Madeira Islands. The Azores archipelago is usually one of our field-trip destinations in the Fall.

These weekend-long trips promote a better understanding of the country, its challenges, landscapes, gastronomy specialties. It’s also a great way to see and reflect first-hand on topics covered in the classroom!

Semester at SiPN_Lisbon3
Learning through Culture

“I decided to come to Lisbon because I wanted to challenge myself by seeking a language barrier after the impactful experience I had while traveling in India a little over a year ago. With that, I was inspired by the opportunities for personal growth as I would work to learn Portuguese, and from the moment my plane touched down in Lisbon, I knew I would never be the same.”

Anna Johnson | Loras College | Major in Public Relations

It's a Network

Participating in SiPN’s Social Sciences, Humanities & Business Program means having Lisbon’s top 4 universities at reach! All universities are located close to one another.