Partner Universities in US

All students enrolled in US universities are welcome as long as they meet SiPN´s program admission criteria.

To facilitate enrollment and credit transfer issues, SiPN welcomes inquiries from US universities or colleges interested in developing partnership agreements.

Students from a school that does not yet have a formal agreement with SiPN, should contact their home school Study Abroad Office regarding their intentions to enroll in SiPN an contact us via e-mail – – so we can facilitate teh process.

FLAD/SiPN representatives frequently travel to the US and are open to meet with school officials, faculty and students who would like to join SiPN´s network or who simply wish to learn the study abroad education options available in Portugal.

Take a look at the most updated recruitment sources of SiPN since its inception in 2015. The yellow stars represent the US universities and colleges with whom SiPN/FLAD celebrated an affiliation agreement. The blue dots indicate universities that are in the process of SiPN affiliation.