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SiPN and FLAD are looking forward to continuing a relationship with its SiPN alumnus.

SiPN Alumni

Today an increasing number of U.S. students are choosing to study abroad. Europe is continuously the region that welcomes the most students and Portugal, in its southwest corner, is growing as a study abroad destination as well, although most of its potential remains untapped. SiPN can proudly say it is one of the leading providers operating in Portugal and the receiver of more than a third of the American students that chose the country as their study abroad destination in 2017-2018 (Open Doors Report, IIE).

Over the past few years, a little more than a thousand American students chose SiPN to help them incorporate an overseas study experience within their education, choosing Portugal as the place to further their studies. Together, they make up SiPN’s alumni and they play a special role in widening Portugal’s global reach and outlook as a study abroad destination.

How to become an active SiPN alum?

We at SiPN are committed to developing a set of Portugal ambassadors. We hope that during our students’ stay in Portugal, and especially when they return to their home campuses, SiPN alums will share how transformative studying abroad can be and how Portugal is one of the greatest places on earth to go study and live abroad.

If an alum is especially engaged with SiPN’s purposes and wants to directly support SiPN’s cause and values, we kindly encourage them to get in contact with SiPN (during or after their stay) who will provide them with all the appropriate resources for events like study abroad fairs, local conferences, on-campus events, or other kinds of initiatives to share the more information about the program and their experiences with others.

FLAD highly supports its alums who are willing to consider Portugal for future academic and professional experiences. SiPN alums should consider reaching out to FLAD for sponsorship opportunities, discussing ideas and projects, or simply asking for general support. Given FLAD/SiPN prestige and network both in Portugal and in the US, we will put all of our efforts to work for our alums.

See FLAD’s website for a better understanding of the institution’s mission, areas, and current program portfolio.

An active SiPN alum will:

  • Host fun events to tell their story and gain professional experience along the way;
  • Develop skills to share their experience in their community, on their campus, and in job interviews;
  • Be empowered to transform the world in a concrete way;
  • Work closely with SiPN and FLAD´s team to increase SiPN’s awareness;
  • Learn more about how to apply your international experience to your career. Gain in-depth knowledge about how to appropriately reflect your international; experience on a résumé, cover letter, and in job interviews!

If you are a former SiPN, we invite you to join SiPN’s Linkedin and SiPN’s Community page on Facebook to take advantage of professional and academic opportunities in our network, connect with other SiPN community members, and stay up to date with alumni news.

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Alumni Stories

SiPN is very much proud of its alums. Here we feature some alums who have included Portugal in future initiatives after being SiPN participants. A new SiPN alumni platform (to be launched in the future) will list all of SiPN’s alums and community members of this unique Portuguese and American network.

Study & Research in Portugal - Other Available Resources

SiPN alumni have priority to access a Fulbright Grant to Portugal

Since 2016, SiPN alumni enjoy priority access to a Fulbright Research Award to Portugal, which will be funded entirely by FLAD. FLAD presently co-funds one of the Fulbright–FLAD Study/Research Grants to Portugal. These 8-month student grants to Portugal are open to U.S. citizens with at least a Bachelor’s degree and who are pursuing a Master’s degree or Ph.D. level research.
The Fulbright / Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) Open Study/Research Award is designed to give U.S. citizens opportunities for personal development through educational and cultural exchange.
Applicants who are SiPN alumni and whose candidacy passes through the initial selection process conducted by the International Institute for Education will enjoy priority access to the pool for this second Fulbright, dramatically increasing their chances of being selected for a Fulbright program. For more information on how to apply for a Fulbright and eligibility requirements, click the following link here.

Other FLAD Programs

Although FLAD mainly issues grants designed for Portuguese students and researchers, it currently offers the USA@PT grant meant for U.S. professors and researchers who wish to participate in Portuguese-based conferences. Throughout the year FLAD issues other grants to which U.S. nationals can apply. Subscribe to FLAD’s mailing list or check its website to know more about grant opportunities.