Summer at SiPN

Mix & Match between Sessions | Locations | Courses to Maximize your Learning Opportunities.

Take the chance to experience Portugal and Europe as a local. Do it with cultural and hands-on learning in and out of the classroom.

Choose up to two courses per session or an Internship

Mix & Match
between Lisbon and the Azores

Stay for
one or two

Mix & Match between Sessions | Locations | Courses to Maximize your Learning Opportunities

SiPN’s Summer Program is split into two 4-week sessions: June and July. Students can also combine sessions.

  • In June, SiPN offers classes at the University of Azores, as its São Miguel campus, and in Lisbon (at our partner universities).
  • In July, SiPN offers classes only in Lisbon.

In each session, students may select classes developed by SiPN in close interaction with its partner universities, as well as opt for direct enrollment classes and/or Portuguese language classes offered by any of the partner institutions. Summer enrolment is limited to 12 ECTS (typically 6 US credits) in any 4-week session.

The list of classes available may vary slightly due to partner universities’ offerings, US-based faculty availability, student-based interest, etc.


Awarded the title of European City of the Year in both 2010 and 2012, Lisbon is a capital city that offers an unmatched quality of life. Combining a rich culture, stunning architecture and great weather all year around, Lisbon is a city that has much to offer to international students.


Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean bridging the European and the American continents, the Azores archipelago is an unmissable location to discover and explore. Each nine of its islands offer its own distinctive culture, gastronomy and landscapes.