Summer Program Fees

Summer program fees at SiPN are modular and based upon the total number of credits.

Our summer program calendar consists of two flexible modules of 4-weeks each: June Session and July Session

Students can choose to come for one or both sessions, picking up anywhere from 6 to 12 ECTS* per session.

JUNE Session OR July Session
1 class per session for 6 ECTS $ 2800
1 class per session for 12 (or 6+6)  ECTS $ 3550

Student who stay for a second session

(does not apply to Internship scenarios)

$ 400 direct discount
Summer Internships Fee
All the internships require an 8-week commitment
JUNE and July
Full-Time Internship for 12 ECTS $ 3550
Part-Time Internship for 6 ECTS $ 2800
PT internship + 1 other 6 ECTS class during one session $ 3550
PT internship + 2 other 6 ECTS classes, over 2 sessions $4300

Summer Price Breakdown (for each 4-week session)

Charges 6 ECTS 12 ECTS
Summer Comprehensive Tuition Fee $1400 $2150
Course instruction included included
Program-integrated study tours (1 night outside of Lisbon and 1 day trip per session) included included
Course-integrated field trips in/around Lisbon included included
Use of consortium facilities (incl. library and computer labs) included included
Final grade report and permanent academic records included included
Academic counseling and support included included
Comprehensive Housing & Student Affairs Fee $1400 $1400
Furnished room (double occupancy guaranteed) included included
Transportation Pass for Lisbon (unlimited for buses, metro, and trolleys) included included
Travel to Visiting Family Program (volunteers only) included included
Laundry/cooking facilities and/or allowance included included
24-hour emergency contact included included
Group pickup at airport on Arrival Day included included
SiPN Orientation Week services and tours included included
Health & Travel Insurance included included

Please Note: Students who opt-out of SiPN’s housing will still be charged a portion of the Housing & Student Affairs fee of $900. This fee covers services from Student Affairs such as comprehensive medical, accident and liability insurance, airport pickup and orientation week activities, 24-hour emergency staff support, a local cell phone, the monthly transport pass, and various social and cultural events, as well as support and counseling.

All SiPN promoted internships – SiPN´s Experiential Learning Program, which entail research and internships – are for academic credit. In essence, they will work just like any other class, with rigorous academic supervision. Pricing and included amenities are the same, see preferred session (semester or summer).

*Student Travel and Health Insurance

ALL SiPN students are covered by AON Travel and Health Insurance policy that is tailor-made for students studying abroad. It provides coverage for everything from a stolen laptop, to lost luggage, to dental, emergency, and routine medical coverage.


We want our students to experience SiPN and Portugal as much as possible so we have created an incentive for students who would like to combine more than one SiPN session.  (e.g. a semester plus a summer program).

Sign up for more than one SiPN edition and you will be entitled to an automatic reduction of the Comprehensive Tuition Fee. If the student’s decision to stay for another session is communicated during his/her stay, then it will be reflected on the invoice that regards the subsequent SiPN edition, in the following amounts: 

Rebates’ combination USD
One semester, fall or spring, plus one summer course $250
One semester, fall or spring, plus two summer courses $400
Two semesters  $1000

Summer Price Estimated Expenses (for each 4-week session)

Total (per month) add your airfare $950 $950
Schengen Student Visa + required FBI criminal background check Not needed if staying in Portugal less than 90 days total
Valid US Passport see pricing on State Dept.
International airfaire R/T $900 – $1.600
Personal expenses (depending on how much you travel on breaks) $500 $500
Meals/per month $400 $400
Outside network cell phone minutes per your use per your use
Cell phone top-up charges required per month, allows free texts/calls in the network $7.50/mo $7.50/mo
Total (per month) add your airfare $950 $950