About SIPN

Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) is a specialized study abroad provider based in Lisbon, Portugal. As a multi-university consortium of Portuguese universities, we aim to attract and recruit students and faculty from the United States to Portugal on various types of study abroad programs.


The SiPN study abroad program can be for one semester, an academic year or a summer session. Throughout the program students can take coursework in English and Portuguese from one of the four Lisbon universities of the consortium and from the Azores university in the summer. This way we intend to provide an immersive academic experience as courses are open to all students at the host university, therefore allowing for a truly integrating experience in the host university culture. Complementarily, for those who wish to gain invaluable work experience during a study abroad experience, SiPN includes options for those seeking an international internship for credit.


Unlike other study abroad programs, SiPN’s not only has substantially lower fees to those of the competition in Lisbon, but it is also all-inclusive meaning it comprises tuition, lodging, cultural activities, city and country tours, public transportation passes, a mobile phone and constant chaperoning by the SiPN team from the moment the students enroll until their departure. The intent is to make it simple for the students to live and study abroad in Portugal and to experience all that the country has to offer.


This is only possible because SiPN is managed by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), a private Portuguese non-profit grant-making foundation dedicated to funding initiatives to promote scientific and cultural exchanges between Portugal and the United States. FLAD firmly believes in the mission of fostering transnational understanding through the academic exchange of faculty and students.  It was this vision that led to the creation of SiPN in 2014, in the effort of placing Portugal and its universities on the radar of the U.S. academic community and to attract more foreign university students to Portugal.


Up to the moment SiPN only offers programs in Lisbon and in the Azores, but FLAD wishes to extend it to the rest of the country by making partnerships with other Portuguese universities.

Know more about our programs

Semester at SiPN Lisbon

Semester programs offer the opportunity to take specially designed courses in one of the four partner universities in Lisbon. Students can enroll in up to 30 credits per semester comprised of electives in business, management, social sciences and Portuguese language.

Summer at SiPN

Students have the opportunity to study in either Lisbon, the Azores, or both. Utilizing a mixture of lessons and immersive cultural activities allows SiPN to keep our students engaged in a unique summer experience.

Internship at SiPN

For those looking to supplement their study abroad coursework, SiPN provides an exceptional range of opportunities for an international internship! SiPN aims to open doors to a professional experience of resume and networking building, language learning and cultural immersion.